N-XT Consultants: Sales and Business development

The name of the organization actually says it all, N-XT. We always go one step further for our clients by providing comprehensive and professional advice in all possible areas.

In this onepager we provide more insight into our view of Sales and Business Development with a clear link to financial performance.

We are convinced that a good sales organization and a strong degree of business development are inextricably linked. Where is your organization now and where should it be in, say, five years from now. But more importantly, how does your organization get there?

And that is exactly where N-XT will help your organization.

After a thorough analysis, we not only assist you with advice, but through years of international experience also with implementation and safeguarding the progress.

By means of a fleet review, we find out whether the most important assets of your company, personnel, do contain the right competencies and whether these can perhaps be used more optimally.

Our market analyzes provide our relations with the right insight into the market potential in relation to its product range. Nowadays it is very important to respond to the needs of the market and sustainability is an important part of this.

“What does the sustainability proposition look like or what should it meet, and is this integrated in the sales strategy?”

With a proven track record, we can guide the organization in their sustainable shift in combination with stable revenue growth.

Positive cash flow is the result of a good sales strategy in which the link to business intelligence and (interim) finance is indispensable.

And because we do not only look at 1 subject, but treat a business case integrally, that is where the strength of the N-XT organization lies.

By means of Lean Six Sigma process optimization, we provide an efficient link between sales-related figures and the financial impact within the organization. The right KPI`s are jointly selected and they serve as the basis for the desired dashboards for the management team.

With this correct and actual management information, the right link to finance can also be made, so that finance controlling will also be optimized.

In short, N-XT can provide your sales-driven organization with the right interim managers to jointly develop, implement and secure the roadmap.

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